Prom Dress FAQ’s

When should I begin looking for a prom dress?

Veteran prom dress shoppers know that when it comes to finding the perfect dress, the earlier you start the better. Most prom and party dress boutiques begin receiving prom dresses for spring prom season as early as January! Also, if you have your heart set on a style that isn’t on the store’s rack, you will need to leave time for the store to order the dress, which can sometimes take several months. Once the dress is in, it might also need to be tailored, so you need to leave several additional weeks for any dress alterations that might be necessary.

As a general rule, if you want your prom dress to be a one-of-a-kind, start shopping at least three months before prom. If you’re bargain hunting for an affordable prom dress, you might want to start even sooner – as early as the end of the last prom season.

What’s the best way to style my hair for prom

Match your hairdo to your neckline. In other words, if your dress has a busy neckline or any type of color that your long hair would obscure, an updo is the only way to go. Likewise if you have long hair that might hide a keyhole neckline, single shoulder strap or shoulder corsage. If your dress is strapless or has simple spaghetti straps, let your hair down or put it up at your leisure. Do whatever feels the best for you!

Should I do my hairdo myself, or have a stylist do it for me?

As far as the do-it-yourself vs. stylist debate, it really depends on how comfortable (and experienced) you are. One of the biggest mistakes many girls make at prom is spending lots of money on a beautiful dress, then winging it last minute with a sloppy or underdone hair style.

An artfully done hair style is the crown to your prom outfit, so plan what you want done ahead. If you want to do it yourself, practice doing it days ahead of time so you know you can do it and what product you need. If you’re nervous or unsure of your ability, just schedule a visit to your favorite stylist – formal hairstyling doesn’t cost very much.

I have a “curvier” figure. What kind of prom dress can I wear that will make me look sexy, rather than fat?

Lots of girls are blessed to have fuller figures and, contrary to what many ads would have you believe, these girls aren’t doomed to choosing between frumpy “plus size” dresses or looking awkward in “normal” clothes. The key to making a fuller figure look great is to find your biggest asset and work it. Girls who are bustier can accentuate a great neckline and toned legs with a rucked or beaded mini dress with wide straps. Girls with hourglass or pear-shaped figures are often flattered by long, strapless sheath gowns with side slits or corseted, waist-trimming ball gowns in smooth taffeta. Just remember: focus on highlighting your assets rather than hiding your flaws.

How can I make myself look older at prom?

Formalwear always looks more “sophisticated” and elegant than more casual party or cocktail wear. If you’re aiming to look more mature, choose smooth, elegant fabric types such as silk and taffeta or daring sequins or beads over beaded tulle and ballerina skirts. Dramatic, form-fitting gowns, both long and short, tend to make the wearer look older and more mature as well. Steer clear of pastels and patterns and look instead for jewel tones, black or metallic colors. Match your dress with a killer pair of party shoes to show you put thought into your ensemble.

Remember: the biggest part of looking mature is your bearing. Practice walking in your shoes, be poised, calm and relaxed. To make your face look older, try a more dramatic look than your usual, such as dark eye shadow and top and bottom eye liner.

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