Mini & Short Prom Dresses

Short Prom Dresses

While short dresses used to be considered informal, mini dresses and short ball gowns have become a popular prom fashion statement, and spring prom season is full of elegant, chic and flirty short styles. This year’s most popular short prom dress styles combine elements of classic ball gowns or long sheaths with short, flirty tulle, balloon and ruffled skirts.

Mini Sheaths, Sequined Cocktail & Balloon Dresses

Nothing says sexy like a classic short sheath or sequined cocktail mini dress. Prom dress designers have a broader selection of mini dresses than ever this year, working retro Hollywood styles such as tulle-edged skirts, belted waists and flower broaches into classic a-line mini prom dresses. Satin balloon mini skirts are also popular this year, the perfect way to show off a full satin skirt and a great pair of legs!

Retro Hollywood & Vintage Prom Dresses

The 1950’s and 60’s Hollywood is in this spring prom season, and many short prom dresses feature classic retro styles – with a unique modern twist. Look for belted satin waists, tulle-ruffled a-lines, polka dots and smoldering gathered silk waistlines in this year’s most popular short prom dress designs. Are you a fan of old Hollywood film? Pick your favorite 1950’s icon and copy their style!hannahs short romantic vintage dress

Short Princess & Ballerina Prom Dresses

There’s nothing as flirty as a short tulle skirt, and ruffled tulle mini dresses are a favorite in this year’s line of prom dresses. Short ballgown-style dresses combine classic ballgown corsets with colorful, voluminous tulle skirts, creating a “ballerina” look. Formal and flirty, short princess dresses are the perfect style for showing off a great pair of heels and youthful fashion sense.

tonyb short printed mini dress Prom Dress Morilee Sticks

Who Should Wear Short Prom Dresses?

If you’re looking to add height to a short stature, a short prom dress paired with high heels works like a charm. Short prom dresses are perfect for thin, petite girls; short, colorful tulle skirts and strapless bodices showcase fine bone structure beautifully. Girls who want to showcase an hourglass figure or fuller curves often look stunning in embellished a-line mini dresses or satin short balloon skirted prom dresses.

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