Ball Gown & Sheath

Ball Gown & Sheath Prom Dresses

Full-skirted ball gowns are timeless prom attire, and they’re the dress of choice for every girl who wants to feel like a genuine princess. This spring prom season, prom dress designers have put several new twists on the classic ball gown style, such as inventive ruffles, drop waists and romantic vintage designs.
Slightly newer to the prom scene, sparkling sheath dresses have been making their debut at spring proms for the past few years, and this year is no exception. Beaded and embellished sheath dresses with beautifully complex back treatments are a designer favorite for this year.

Ruffled Ball Gowns

Nothing makes a girl feel like a princess like a skirt full of ruffles, and this year’s prom ball gowns and hi low dresses are full of ruffles, from ruched taffeta to crimped organza circles. Morilee’s prom dress line in particular offers a wide selection of gorgeous, ruffle-infused ball gown designs enhanced by hoop skirts and beaded bodices.

Morilee Paparazzi Prom Dress

Printed Ball Gowns

A rarer breed of ball gown, this year’s prom dress lineup features some beautiful printed gowns . Pretty pastel patterned ball gowns put a unique twist on classic princess dresses, while more dramatic graphic patterns and black and white designs offer a chic modern runway look without sacrificing the full skirt.

Sheath Dresses

Elegant back treatments with interlacing straps and lacing are a popular addition to this year’s collection of sparkling sheath dresses. Deep front slits are another favorite feature for this year’s sheath dresses, creating a truly sophisticated prom look.

Tiffanys Sheath Prom Dress   Blush Prom Dress

Who Should Wear Ball Gowns & Sheath Dresses?

Most body types look beautiful in ball gown dresses, and corset bodices can both enhance a slim figure and help curvier girls achieve slimmer waistlines. If you’re hoping to minimize a top heavy bust, however, avoid bodices with heavy embellishments and beading. Sheer sheath dresses can accentuate a slim figure, and they can compliment an hourglass figure beautifully.

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