Affordable Prom Gowns

Affordable Prom Dresses

Want to look like a million bucks at prom, but have a limited budget for the dress? Bargain hunting for a fantastic prom dress isn’t as hard as you might think. Let us help by giving you a few pointers on the best way to spot an affordable dress that will have everyone at prom green with envy.

Can a prom dress really be affordable and look great too?

Of course! You just have to know where to look. Let’s face it: mall and chain store prom dresses are cookie-cutter and often poorly made – not the best place to find a one-of-a-kind style that doesn’t look off the rack. Prom and party dress boutiques have better selections and access to more exclusive styles, but they still offer quite a wide price range – often even as low as mall dress stores.

Tips for finding a great prom dress bargain

Prom and party dress shopping veterans know that the earlier you look for the dress, the better your chances are of finding something you love, in the right size, for the right price. Start your prom dress shopping early – early enough to be out of season. If you’re dress hunting months before prom season, your chances of finding the perfect dress off the discount rack at a boutique are much higher. Remember: dress boutiques are rarely able to sell off all their stock from a prom season, and the dresses that don’t make it out of the store in time for prom often get discounted, making unique, designer styles suddenly available to you at affordable prices.

Cheap online prom dress shopping vs. discount boutique shopping

It’s important to understand the difference between cheap prom dresses and discount, or bargain prom dresses. Cheap dresses are – well…cheap! Prom dresses that are cheap, even at full price, are more often than not poorly constructed and made from low quality materials.

Cheap prom dresses like this tend to fit very poorly, especially if the girl wearing them is doesn’t have an “off-the-rack figure” (and really, who does?). Similarly, they tend to bunch, bind and in general be a literal pain to wear; low quality materials usually make it impossible for cheap dresses to be fixed with tailoring.

It’s definitely possible to find affordable, quality prom dresses, so don’t stoop to buying dresses that are truly cheap.